Carnival Breda 2022 – The Dutch Can Party!

Carnival was full-steam in Breda this evening! Experience the city for yourself, with all the crazy and colourful fun.

Carnival happens every year but was cancelled in 2021 due to covid so this year people are partying twice as hard.

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6 gedachten over “Carnival Breda 2022 – The Dutch Can Party!”

  1. Kielegat 🙂 I am flying back from Sint maarten to Breda specially to celebrate carnaval 2023. (I was born and raised in Breda) it has been 9 year since I have been back.

  2. After 2 years of NO carnaval we are BACK 💪
    Best party of the year. Everybody happy and humanity united as it should be ALWAYS! 🥰 Spread the love greetings from Breda 😃😃😃

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