cost of living in the NETHERLANDS | housing, food, transport & more

How expensive is the Netherlands? This video covers apartments and student housing, groceries, restaurants and take out, transport (trains, bikes and buses), health insurance and many more things.

NLtimes says that the Netherlands is one of the most expensive countries in the EU, so that s something. I generally covered the average cost of living in the Netherlands, as mentioned in the video the bigger the city the bigger the prices, the cost of living can also depend on your needs and wants. Also sadly the prices are getting more expensive so in a couple of years this all might change.

Also for housing I mostly covered the topic about rent since I have some experience with it but I know buying an apartment and or a house is pricey and can be really difficult.

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00:00 introduction
00:20 housing
02:23 groceries
03:07 restaurants & take away
03:54 coffee
04:21 bikes
05:45 transportation
06:04 ov chipkaart
06:34 trains
07:13 bus, tram & metro
07:53 car
08:08 health insurance
08:57 shopping
09:35 thrift shopping

here is some more info about the Dutch healthcare system:

applying for the healthcare allowance:

housing websites:

better option is look on facebook groups “apartments (insert city name here)”

cost of stuff in the Nehterlands:

Feel free to share your outlooks and comparisons to where your from in the comments 🤗

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  1. The most shitty county in the world, ugly women, bad beer, no nature, boring people, only shopping malls and factories. not to mention the bad weather, multi culti shit, chicken houses

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