Friends: Ross Has Problems With The New Neighbor (Season 5 Clip) | TBS

Ross moves into his new apartment, and ends up having a problem with the new neighbor.

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Friends: Ross Has Problems With The New Neighbor (Season 5 Clip) | TBS



21 gedachten over “Friends: Ross Has Problems With The New Neighbor (Season 5 Clip) | TBS”

  1. Here we go again.. Phoebe going against their friends just to prove that she's weirdo and good human.. She's a horrible friends to everyone except joey..
    If you remember she never stood up for Chandler when everyone used to hate him in his office.. More I watch the show I'm realizing I really don't hate monica or rachel.. I hate Phoebe… She can't get away with everything by saying she had a hard life

  2. Not only was Ross in the right, he was far more reasonable and controlled than most people would be. Where i grew up, a stranger showing up at your new place asking for $100 for a different stranger is absolutely nuts and the dude would be atleast laughed at, at worst yelled at. That entire building is crazy and Ross is better off not interacting with those lunatics.


  4. What impresses me the most are the presents from Phoebe at the beginning. Very original moving in presents that everyone would like with the wishes that go along with them…

  5. I miss this show. I wish the creators can create a new sequel series that continues this story forward; similar to what, “That 70’s Show” had started. The person who was/is probably the creator or director of, “That 70s Show”, continues with a squeal story through the lead characters' future children, a new series called ‘That 90s Show”. I hope FRIENDS considers airing a new series of their show the same as That 70s Show’.
    The creator(s) of, Friends, can produce a sequel series with the original characters and their children grouped together

    The new group of friends/leads can branch out from the original leads can somehow and end up meeting unknowingly and living together unknowingly. in the same apartments; and find out a few episodes later about their parents becoming friends and living in the same place.

    The main characters for the sequel can include:

    -Phoebe’s -triplets,

    -Monica and Chandlers-twins,

    Ross and Rachel’s baby girl Emile,

    -Ross and lesbian ex-wife’s – son Ben,

    – Joey’s random unknown- a child who was accidentally conceived from one of his relationships or one-night stands, who suddenly appears out of nowhere into Joey’s life.

    – Janice’s 2-3 children have Janice’s annoying nasally voice.

    I can imagine The original leads frequenting the show very often. While Joey’s son(surprise child), and Ross and Rachel’s daughter Emma end up bumping into each other their love-at-first-sight, love story becomes a major part of the series, similar to what Ross and Rachel’s
    on-again-off-again relationship was shown in the entire series. This sequel can somehow end up piloting from the same two apartment suites, century perks café.

  6. An advice if someone's ever in this position:

    Ross IS correct indeed.

    However…Rachel got it best. He should have seen it as an invitation to get to know the neighbors, and chimmed in. He would have come off as the generous stranger to the reasonable tennants, and then got to mingle with the others at the party.

    So it wasn't about being right or wrong but about getting to know the neighbors and jump into their "culture", or if you don't care about that, then yeah. Don't give them squat.

  7. this episode always bothered me , that dude was in the wrong to ask someone to pay $100 for someone they have never even met like yes he's worked there a long time but Ross has know idea who he is and won't be fixing anything in his apartment so why would u expect payment like no. if anyone is a bad guy it's the guy who asked him to pay in the first place.

  8. Sorry but, Ross was completely in his right, he had no need to pay, being he just moved in. Plus..$100 per resident is a little too much, the landlord shouldn't force them to pay. And snobby Rachel saying to just pay the $100, so typical of her. Team Ross here all the way!

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