Nellie celebrates a white Christmas with cocaine | Drugslab

This episode Nellie Benner snorts a white crystalline powder: Cocaine. The active substance is cocaine hydrochloride and has a stimulating effect and a bitter taste.

Are you about to use Coke? Keep the following things in mind:
– Cocaine is most of the time blended with other (harmful) substances. Therefore, it is good to test your drug so you know the purity of your coke.
– Use it when you are physically and mentally healthy. Don’t use it to suppress problems.
– Clean your nose and your snort pipe.
– Combining with alcohol or other drugs is very risky.

There is no safe dose. Risks are increasing when you use it regularly. The dose depends on the person and his/her experience with cocaine.
1 gram of cocaine = 15 to 20 lines.
Increased risk of heart problems
Ignitions in the nasal mucosa

Rens Polman:
Nellie Benner:
Bastiaan Rosman:

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Drugslab is an educational YouTube channel about drugs, funded by the Dutch government. On this YouTube channel we, Rens Polman, Nellie Benner and Bastiaan Rosman, will take in the drugs you want us to try. We do this in the name of science so we can show you what the effect of drugs are on the human body. You can suggest any type of drug by commenting in the comment section below the videos or by using the hashtag #drugslab. Besides our weekly experiment, we provide you of safe methods of use, safe doses, the effects, the risks and very useful do’s and don’ts when high on drugs. Given by experienced epicureans. Light it up people, in the name of science! Peace.

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  1. Just switch off drinking and doing coke what I mean by that is.
    Do coke then drink or vice versa, don’t do a line then drink beer then do another line, that is the main cause of cocaine overdose bc cocaine and alcohol have counteracting feelings, so most the time people will keep going between to keep the night going, and either they get alcohol poisoning without feeling that drunk or od from coke bc of the compound that is created when mixing coke and alcohol cocaethylene which is more intense and puts greater strain on your heart

  2. It shouldn’t burn, either it’s cut with something like lidocaine or he didn’t cut the coke into more of a powder enough, to reduce burning snort a little bit of water, don’t worry it doesn’t go in your lungs it dissolves the coke in your nose and goes to your stomach. Stay safe!

  3. These channels can be helpful for those experimenting for the first time. When I was at that age, there was only erowid but I was also the biggest geek when it came to drugs. But it helped me know if I took something that was bad when I was reacting in a weird way or by how long it was lasting.

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