*The Netherlands Is The Worst Country in Europe. Here’s Why

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Here’s is how I felt about the Netherlands. I spent two months in Amsterdam and also visited Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Utrecht.
I didn’t mention it in the video, but I met a lot of immigrants from Africa, Latin America, and the United States. The majority of them were jobless and lived in deplorable conditions. As a result of not having a roof over their heads or stealing food out of desperation, many ended themselves in jail or deported.

Every night, police patrol the streets looking for undocumented immigrants and homeless individuals.

Thank you very much, and from the bottom of my heart, I would not return nor suggest it to anybody else.


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  1. 4:44 i laughed so hard because you dont even need to go to a hotel because i almost every 10 kilometers there is a camping place where you can hang out and its not expensive

  2. As a Finn living in Sweden: welcome beeing born into the world. It becomes What you’re making it to be and your own inner differens can outshine good things around you. I’ve NEVER felt unwelcome and this sweet country is close to my heart. Can have something to do with the history between Finland and the Netherlands. I don’t find it odd at all that a couple of my relatives moved there 30 years ago. Every time I have visited Amsterdam I’ve had a blast, just love the ppl and what goes on: food, the bazaar, windmills, tulips, pancake lunch, cheese, second hand shops ❤❤❤❤

  3. Why does this lady talk about this country in that way? I am American and if I could move to the Netherlands, I would do so in a flash! There is something about the country that draws me to it. I actually dislike living here – just too many problems with the government being corrupt and all. My next life I want to live in the Netherlands….please. She needs to listen to "Netherlans Zings".

  4. Oh I see, you are a Karen… Doesn't matter what you do and there is no pleasing you. We have a massive amount of exchange students and workers from other countries. Homeless people are arrested but you really need to fuck up big time to be homeless in the first place. Maybe you can't find a job anywhere because you are bad at first impressions. There is plenty of opportunity here if you are not someone who has zero talent or education, that is on you though. I am sure your country of origin will accept all the useless people with open arms and start giving them handouts and housing right away, because we actually do that a bit too much, we are in a housing crisis. You are one of those people who wants to receive everything but doesn't wanna give anything, that's a weak game plan as I am sure you would have discovered by now.

  5. Why the f**k should the Dutch give you a hand out when you turn up to their country with no money?

    Do you how ignorant and entitled this video makes you sound?

    I'm glad you're getting panned in the comments, because this content is so wide of the mark, it's almost funny.

    Another thing; complaining about a countries "broken english" in a video that you dubbed over in someone else's English?

    Too stupid for words.

  6. Ok. So pretty much everyone disagrees with you. And rightly so. The Netherlands has its issues – especially with racial discrimination- but your bizarre assessment of Amsterdam is laughable – especially considering your dubbed over voice! I think if you want to live in Europe – anywhere- you need to check the Visa requirements, learn the language of the country you wish to live in (or English may be ok in the big cities) and research the cost of living there! And lastly get a job before you turn up at the airport!!!!!

  7. Nah bro in the netherlands we never have a lot of snow 😂 and everything is expensive cause its a big city (for the netherlands) also we are a pretty "rich" country so it would be fair to make stuff more expensive

  8. You seem absolutely insufferable. Pretty much all you said in that video is untrue and everybody that has spent longer times in the netherlands will agree. Get help you absolute imbecile.

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