The Ultimate Guide to Renting Apartments in the Netherlands

Finding a place for rent in the Netherlands can be a challenging adventure.

In today’s video, I aim to guide you through the entire process and share all the valuable insights I’ve gained about renting an apartment here. This comprehensive guide is primarily designed for expats who are new to the country, but it can also provide useful information for those who have already been residing here for some time.


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00:00 Intro
00:23 Searching online and temporary housing
02:37 Neighborhood research in the Netherlands
05:02 Preparation for the apartment hunting
06:21 Process of rental searching
06:54 guide
10:17 Rental prices in the Netherlands
11:55 Social housing and affordable housing
14:33 Viewing the apartment
16:56 Applying for the apartment
17:47 Documents you will need for the application
20:32 Rental contract
21:32 Final thoughts


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5 gedachten over “The Ultimate Guide to Renting Apartments in the Netherlands”

  1. Hey! Well done! Your videos are very properly detailed and helpful. I shall be moving to the Netherlands due to work and will be starting my job in the beginning of October.
    I was thinking of actually try and have the accommodation sorted out by then but after having a look at your videos and also funda, I can see that the starting dates are rarely mentioned.
    What are your suggestions? Do you believe that the only way to rent a place is to actually be present in the Netherlands and attend viewings?

  2. Does anybody know why would someone need to take the floor with them as they are moving out? They still won't be able to place it down "as is" in the new place, right? The chances the floor from the previous place would fit in the new place are close to zero.

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