The Ultimate Revenge Of Mocro Maffia – Najib ‘Ziggy’ Himmich & Eaneas Lomp | Ep. 4 | (Miniseries)

In the last episode, we saw that in 2014, Gwenette Martha and Samir Scarface were eliminated under very suspicious circumstances. It is more than likely that Najib Ziggy Himmich has played a role in both of their cases. His eagerness to become the top dog will come at great costs and will have you questioning whether it was worth it or not. At this point, tensions are so high and so many involved are becoming paranoid, eliminations are taking place as a preventative measure. It is becoming clear that they rather eliminate someone just in case, as it means there is one less potential problem to worry about. Nobody is safe, not even 9000 kilometers away from Amsterdam…

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27 gedachten over “The Ultimate Revenge Of Mocro Maffia – Najib ‘Ziggy’ Himmich & Eaneas Lomp | Ep. 4 | (Miniseries)”

  1. Gwentha got done out by ziggy and he showed him the ropes ziggy got ahead of himself thinking getting rid of gwentha would make him top dog but just caused further problems

  2. the shipment in question was caught by the police and they had not released it on the news.thats how it started.facts

  3. Wait wait, rida got dropped by ben because ben did not pay rida and rida got mad so after that the staatslieden double murder happend and ben suspected rida of setting him up!
    I knew alot of these guys from soccer and we used to hang around.. there is so much more then the police is telling us, they are involded and that is why they let the mocros do the "dirty" work

  4. Laat ze elkaar maar afslachten.
    Dat soort ongedierte mist bijna niemand.
    Geen regels, geen eer, niets.
    Alleen jammer dat er soms onschuldige slachtoffers tussen zitten.

  5. Th only "holly grail" is Mark Rutte, WEF puppet, paid to destroy the society. The most corrupted government ever. Independent journalists are being killed, just like in Columbia. He deals with CO2, cows, farmers destruction and "Ukraine war"….

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