This is how DUTCH people PARTY!

How to party with Dutch people?
Buying rounds of beer?
How do Dutch people dance?
What about festivals in the Netherlands?

These questions we asked to foreigners/expats in the Netherlands.

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Video produced by:
Bart de Pau
(online Dutch teacher and founder of the Dutch Summer School)

Editing: Nicolas Balbontin, Claudia Macchiavelli
Music used under license: Mehilovesound

Video was recorded at the BLC Dutch Summer School in Amsterdam

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46 gedachten over “This is how DUTCH people PARTY!”

  1. when i came here 35 years ago, i drank every dutch person under the table and not getting drunk
    most dutch people couldnt understand it, until i explained i was aussie
    since living here i drink only a fraction what i used to

  2. Groningen is absolutely amazing to visit, most of the population living there are students. i always feel like young people are running the city in groningen. its awesome

  3. If you like the Dutch party's or not… it is all about the party's you chose to join. If you had much fun at a party, well no reason to change that party.
    But not every party is about Dutch songs, or techno/ house. If you like metal/ hardrock, blues or Jazz or what ever music style you like more (yeah even Latin American music/ dances)… in the bigger city's there is always a bar or dancing with another sound.
    Personally I like the alternative clubs a litte bit more, although I love the eighties clubs too.
    But it never kept me away from clubs that have various music styles. Because too much of the same music will make you daft or at least boring.

  4. Actually nobody understands that it all came from 1 song, and I am not going to argue, the one I remind as 1st " I did it my way ". And we embraced it!

  5. Pls pls can anyone tell me the exact name of the music played in the background. I've checked up the relivant info in description box but still couldn't find it out

  6. Well at least the expats have a good word for the partying. But I'm Dutch and I detest it. It's one of the worst features of the Netherlands. Loud music, noisy people and an overload of beer.
    When it's about this subject, I always hush being Dutch.

  7. I was at the gay Olympics in Amsterdam in 1998 and it was incredible, great show. After the opening ceremony all those thousands of people walked to the nearby metro station to get to the city centre to party. The station quickly got overcrowded so they restricted acces. What did the crowd do? The whole crowd started singing “Que sera, sera”. It still gives me shivers thinking back at that moment …

  8. Disliked because once again it's all about that s*hole and completely ignoring the true Dutch. Only that one girl said something about the north.
    Amsterdam =/= Dutch culture

  9. i took care of a older Dutchmen who had a stroke while visiting family, The family made arrangements with the Dutch government to get him back home. So a Dutch nurse flies into Denver, Colorado, and will leave with the patient the next day. What does the Dutch nurse want? How to get to downtown so he can go out on the town! (The fact that the Dutch government would provide such a service is another topic worth mentioning.)

  10. Rondjes geven is dat iedereen een keer de rekening betaalt van de drankjes van zijn vrienden.
    Het lijkt vrijblijvend, maar dat is het niet, angstvallig wordt in de gaten gehouden wie zijn "beurt" overslaat, diegene krijgt dan de volgende keer/na 1 keer/na 2 keer/of 3 keer niks meer.

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