This is Why You Never Mess With a Royal Guard…

Visitors to London are often delighted to see the iconic Queens Guard standing motionless in their red coats in front of Buckingham Palace. While these guards are famous for not moving an inch even when tourists decide to mess with them, don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re just lazy or slow. In fact, the queen’s guards are actually one of the most elite, highly trained and secretive soldiers in the entire world. Sure they look like fixtures to the palace, but push them too far or try to interfere with their duty and you’ll learn very quickly why that was a mistake. The elusive practices and duties of these elite, bearskin-clad guards are some of the most tightly kept secrets the English crown holds, but luckily for you we’ve got the inside scoop on these subtle warriors that will change the way you look at the seeming tourist attractions for the rest of your life. Think you can handle knowing the secrets of such an elite group?

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Why you never mess with a royal guard! Featuring the world’s most tough and strongest royal guards on earth. You better never mess with the Queens royal guards…


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  1. if the guard depicted is a royal guard hes out of uniform. he looks more like a photoshoot model. as for the rest they just seem like kids in uniform . which i suspect i s what i looked liked when i did the job many years ago.People had more respect then and if they did,nt we were allowed to give them a good clobber with our SLR's. i suspect you cant do that anymore pity.

  2. The royal guards are just used, people wake up, who are they protecting and why should they? This is 2023 and we still think some are above us. Critical thinking is the way to come on.

  3. You said the queens guard are one of the most elite soldiers in the world but no one knows their training. If you’re going to lie at least don’t put yourself

  4. The British Monarch is the overall monarch to the whole of the Great Britain and Ireland, not just England, England is a quarter of the whole country, the royalty are monarch to Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. I never understand why other country people America in particular struggle with geography. These soldiers and British Soldiers made up of citizens from all 4 nations that make up the United Kingdom.

  5. So much wrong with this commentary. They are not elite and they are not secretive. They are not the Royal Guard nor the Queens Guard (or Kings Guard as you would now claim). They are elements of the British Armed Forces who happen to be on Ceremonial duties. They can be from the Army, Navy or Royal Air Force. Generally though they are from the Guards Division. Many of them would rather be on operations than "poncing about at a palace". That said they are, like all the armed forces highly trained and professional and one of the best in the world.

  6. Brainwashed guards who protect the Elite Reptilians need to wake up. God will judge you for protecting Evil Reptilians who control this planet. Wake up Clones. Wake up.

  7. So much BS in this video. Guards don’t get prison sentences for smiling.
    Is it just a lack of research or are you just trying to sensationalise this incredibly poor video?

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