Why you SHOULD NOT live in Amsterdam (Dutch housing crisis)

The Netherlands has a BIG housing crisis—the worst I’ve experienced so far—especially in Amsterdam. Students are homeless. Hundreds of people compete for one home.

Amsterdam is one of the best places to live…IF you find a place to stay. In this video, let me share with you why you “may not” want to live in Amsterdam.

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00:00 Intro
01:26 🇳🇱 Dutch housing crisis
03:59 🏠 Yunfu’s housing experience
06:03 🐮 The nitrogen crisis
06:34 🕹 Rental regulation – social housing
06:56 🏘 Airbnb effect
07:37 💰 Economics 101 – The housing market
07:52 💰 Economics 101 – Demand for housing
08:28 💰 Economics 101 – Supply of housing
09:17 💶 Cost of living in Amsterdam
11:57 🏠 Other options
12:40 Ending


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I’m David, a Californian living in Amsterdam. I make videos about life in the Netherlands, hiking/traveling, and the Camino de Santiago.

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  1. 0:07: 💔 Amsterdam is facing a housing crisis, making it difficult to find affordable housing.

    3:01: 🏠 Finding housing in Amsterdam can be challenging and stressful, with stories of scams, bad landlords, and difficult roommates.

    6:00: 🏠 A nitrogen crisis and other factors have led to a housing shortage in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

    8:34: 💰 Living in Amsterdam is expensive, with housing being the biggest expense.

    11:49: 🏙 Living in Amsterdam offers charm, an international atmosphere, job opportunities, and safety, but finding a place to stay can be challenging.

    Recap by Tammy AI

  2. As a Dutch student living in the Netherlands, it's just hell. I live two hours away from uni and even after more than a year of searching, I still haven't gotten a room to move into. Travelling back and forth every single day and trying to keep up with my studies has gotten increasingly more difficult… I'm going crazy. help 🙁

  3. I used to live in the NL for over a year. My work was in Amsterdam and I lived in a very beautiful town called Lisse ( 33 mn drive to Amsterdam). Amazing times. If I can I would do it again!

  4. I moved to the Netherlands in 1996 (yes, I’m oldddd) to study and even then there was a student housing and normal housing crisis! I was very lucky that I accepted a temporary room in a very old house, it was quite bad … but 16 months later, due to renovations the landlord had to find rooms for us all, and only the rooms that we accepted to move to, and I got the best room ever! Those 16 months were so worth it!

  5. The Netherlands in general is getting harder and harder to live in. Even locals have a hard time to get a place to live. A few places like Groningen or somewhere like that might be easier. I in general want to live in a city because I only use public transport. So living in the country side is a big no, because of connections to other places.

  6. Amsterdam, sounds like an amazing place to live. But when you actually live here for some time, all the fantasy bubbles will burst. I enjoyed Amsterdam so much more as a foreign tourist, not as an expat.

  7. I don’t want to be that guy but everyone in the world should make their home country better then simply “move to Amsterdam”. Don’t put yourself in this stressful position because you think it is hip. Yes I know Amsterdam is awesome, but please just stop coming guys, come on! You’ll just be the annoying foreigner, you will not make dutch friends, you’ll just sit at home smoking weed or drink beer at a shitty irish pub with other foreigners. When you come, try be like this guy and do useful stuff.

  8. Bro it sounds like AMS is a goddamn nightmare. I'm not sure exactly what you actually see there and in Western Europe in general, it's a horrible place to be, especially in the big cities. Extremely crowded, overpriced, dangerous, all kinds of moronic rules, etc. Hey but at least they have nice buildings and you get a lot of vacation days 🙄

  9. I think I saw you standing outside with the microphone. I wanted to ask what it was about, but didn't want to bother you and now your video pops up. Go figure 😊

  10. About the 2 year rule: that’s a problem created by government. It is impossible to offer another temporary contract after those 2 years. At my previous place the owner wanted to keep me but since he had plans of eventually maybe selling the house he couldn’t have anyone on a permanent rental contract there. And doing another 2 year renewal is impossible (as it’s illegal)

  11. I actually got pretty lucky, my moms house was due for a renovation (a rental) so my mom, my siblings and i got this thing called a “Urgentie Verklaring”

    Which is basically a note that allows you to “cut the line” so to speak, i waited for 5 years before eigen haard invited me to a viewing, normally this can take up to 11 years

    Managed to land an apartment with 4 rooms in Amsterdam east, for 728€ a month, as of next month ill only be paying 588€ for rent.

    Im also still a student, im studying Software development (fullstack)

  12. Amsterdam is the moat expensive one of the Netherlands that why other places have better houses or princes ( im talking literly living in Amsterdam you can live in amsterdam but choise not direct into the main cuty go like West or Noord placed or like Hoofddorp some small dorp is better then having a house in the main part)

  13. 6:00 the actual reason of the housing crisis was the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Due to this the government and associates decided to stop building houses. Many constructors decided to find other jobs so for years there were no professionals available to build houses ( hence the east European builders you find everywhere). The stop lasted for years regardless of warnings of future housing problems…… when they started building the number of houses A YEAR needed is 100.000!! And no construction people to build them. Then the “stikstof” crisis hit. Also, elderly people live in bigger houses, but there is no good alternative for elderly to move to anymore. The government wants them to stay in their own houses to save on retirement places (healthcare cuts). So one or two person(s) owns and lives in a 4 person house, this is not discussed, but it would lighten up the situation a bit.

  14. For anyone living in smaller studio in Amsterdam, or with a bad energy label – Google 'huurcommissie calculator' and there's a good chance based on the point system in that calculator you can get your rent price reduced drastically by Rent Tribunol (Huurcommissie). This procedure called Initial Rent Assesment applies in first 6 months of permanent contracts and 6 months after temporary ones. I just found out about this, basically below 136 points property is deemed rent price-regulated despite what price landlord set. This is tenant-initiated procedure thats why I never heard of it and landlords hope you never hear it in the beginning of your contract (because there's a deadline to apply for that Initial Rent Assesment procedure). Currently I'm trying to get my rent reduced about 50%

  15. If you want cheaper rents and housing, you need to move to the Eastern Part of Netherlands, sadly the job offers are less (not the luxury or comfort) but it is the long driving hours (sorry dutch consider 1-2 hour drive already long) that most people do not want to put up with it, thus rather look for a home in Western Netherlands even Utrecht and Brabant what used to be very viable to live and rent, has gone up with ridiculous prices.

  16. It is not only in Amsterdam, it is all over Western Part of the Netherlands, Amsterdam became even more expensive since the Foreigners found out that it is very comfortable.
    That has been the reason for the last 20 years. before that it was still expensive but we had laws to protect them. nowadays Amsterdam is in a free fall since most houses even the old Criminal Neighbourhoods were bought up and renovated since it is one of the most luxury capital.

  17. to any foreigners complaining about expensive housing in the netherlands
    it's a great country so I understand you want to live here
    however one solution is to make your own country as great as ours so you don't need to compete
    (btw I have some websites and phone numbers you can call if you want to cry and moan if you find my comment racist)

  18. Er komen allemaal Engelse mensen wonen die toch onze taal niet willen leren, wat heb je hier dan eigenlijk te zoeken, pas je een beetje aan aan de mensen die al in Amsterdam wonen en dat al hun hele leven

  19. It's difficulty right now to find housing anywhere in the (more populated parts) of the Netherlands as others have commented. I'm dutch, make a decent salary (I work in tech support at an educational institution) and I'm currently living in housing through an anti-squatting arrangement (meaning I get to live here for cheap in a building that gets demolished soon and in return I look after the building and I have no rights to fall back om in terms of renting this property. Basically I have to move out within four weeks whenever they tell me to).

    Buying a house is simply impossible as I'm single and have student debts. But even renting is really difficult if I stil want to be able to save some money. I'm seriously considering moving back in with my parents (who moved to Sweden) to try and take a break from all this chaos.

  20. With all due respect — Amsterdam is a bit of a sh*thole. It is dirty, it is not safe and it is too expensive. Certain neighborhoods have turned into ghettos. As you rightfully said, you need to take what you get, but the housing options are usually terrible (poorly isolated, need renovation, old, etc.). Last, but not least, it is definitely not a family-friendly city.

    Truly the best place to be! (sarcasm)

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